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NK Equestrian

NK equestrian is a newly established company created for the sole purpose of providing a fully integrated equestrian experience and knowledge of the horseworld.

Our main goal is to ensure our people will get the proper equine education and culture of equestrianism.Our team consists of highly qualified professionals that everyday they make sure to offer the highest of our standards.

NK equestrian has established its own Equestrian Academy in order to provide quality riding lessons to our clients and it also consists of our sport team with athletes (both people and horses) representing our passion at the competitions. Hereby each one of the people visiting us can choose by themselves the level of riding they wish. From amateur-hobby level to high sport level, we are here to support your goals.

Why you should join us

Lessons - One on one or in a group? Choice is yours!

The riding lessons are done solely to one person or up to a group of maximum 3 people.

Experienced staff

Distinguished athletes and coaches certified by the Ministry of Sports and the Hellenic Equestrian Federation are responsible for the trainings.

Natural setting

Τraining and riding lessons take place in a calm and natural environment both for horse and rider.


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Ιππασία αρχάριοι και έμπειροι

Novice & Experienced

Riding lessons both for begginers and advanced riders.​

Μάθημα ιππασίας στην Αθήνα

Competition training

Training of athletes for the purpose of competitions. (We can also visit you at your own place and help you there.)

Πώληση και εύρεση αλόγων ιππασίας

Search & sale

Sale of high standard horses qualified for amateur riding as well as high performance sport level.

Begin your journey in the magical world of horse riding!